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New Year Travel Flight Deals on Cheap Rates

January of 1st, according to Gregorian calendar, is earmarked as the New Year Day in the United Kingdom, and the day is moment of exquisite celebrations valued in the Christian traditions. The Big Ben in London becomes host to jubilating fireworks and the stark effect of these fireworks is seen miles away. The day of New Year in the United Kingdom is essentially a Bank Holiday, and most of the businesses are closed. The holiday as well as the celebrations on the day are entirely secular in nature.

Celebrating New Year Day amidst Fireworks and Parade

Most of the counties in the UK are host to New Year celebrations by putting forth remarkable Firework displays and gathering of people from the Christian and Non-Christian faith for an organised parade session along the river Thames. There is almost a 12 Minute of fireworks on the London Eye, which is an awe-inspiringly giant Ferris wheel. The midnight chimes along with pyrotechnics is needs the praise in every sense.

Festivities, Customs and Traditions Unite on the New Year Day

The day of New Year is a moment filled with surprises, celebrations and the incredible moments. The day is noticeable for the New Year parties, which are organised either in the restaurants, bars, or within the home settings. Usually the parties are thrown a day before January the 1st. The moment the Hour’s Hand strikes 12, people wish Happy New Year with the clinking of Champagne glasses.

Symbolic Parades and Processions

In the entire UK, New Year is a moment endowed by symbolic parades and the processions. The crowds are fulfilled by gazing moments and surprises are around the city and hamlet. Here are the most engaging parades and processions organised on the New Year Eve:

Allendale’s Fire Procession

The denizens of Allendale in Northumberland, England organise New Year festivities with nothing less than a huge fire procession. In this parade, the men hold the barrels having the lit tar on their heads and march through the hamlet before flinging them into a bonfire lit in the hamlet square.

Hogmanay, Loony Dook, and First Footing, Scotland

Events like Hogmanay, Loony Dook, and First Footing are enjoyable retreat celebrated on New Year Day. Hogmanay is a pure Scottish tradition comprising torchlight parade held on December 30. The parade passes through the entire Scotland. Each year the 31st Day of December is marked by partying and singing where the Scots sing the poem titled by Auld Lang Syne and created by Robert Burns. On January the 1st, Scots participate in Loony Dook, where the people clad in decorated costumes jump in frigid lakes and the ponds as the means for charity gathering.

The Fireball Celebration of Stonehaven

It is yet another very typical New Year tradition celebrated with rich fervour in the Stonehaven at the midnight hour on the New Year. In this celebration, people stroll down the High Street as they swing the flaming balls jauntily across the heads. It is around 20 minutes march, which ends is spectacular fireworks.

Calennig Festival in Wales

The Welsh people celebrate New Year in quite a unique and submissive way, where they exchange the gifts among the family members and friends. This celebration is known as Calennig. Children participate in the celebration and they move ahead singing the songs responsive of well-being and prosperity.

Cheap Flight Deals for the New Year

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