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The Social Relevance and Observation of Good Friday

Good Friday is the Christian Friday that falls before the Easter. It is the day when Christians across the world, including the UK, remember Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on the cross. This is also the day of observance of prayers, organisation of mass parades that ultimately culminate at the churches and cathedrals. In Bermuda, hand-designed and crafted kites flutter high up in the sky, which is the representation of Jesus’ rising to the heavenly abode. Since Good Friday is the day of mourning, may Christians observe it as “Passion of the Christ?” While many churches in the UK are decorated with flowers, it is not the case with Anglican churches, where the observation of Good Friday happens to be a low key affair.

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Participate and Indulge in Christian Observance in the UK

Good Friday is a sacred way of showing connection to Christian faith, and hosting services like the fasting, church mass and prayers is the norm. The practice involves willful not eating the non-vegan diet or at times probably eating quite a little. Catholics observe the day as they refrain themselves from eating meat or the regular meals in the day. Christians also like to observe the Good Friday by restricting themselves to one of the traditional and most stark protocols of “Black Fast.” In the UK specially, people eat fish and not meat on Good Friday.

Why Meat is avoided on Good Friday

On Good Friday Meat is avoided as it is based on the belief quite popular among the Christians that on the holy day, Jesus Christ had sacrificed himself for the sins committed by the mankind. This kind of belief is instrumental in swaying the Christian tradition for several years. Besides abstaining flesh and any form of dish that involves meat, people in the UK spend their time by prepping the cross buns, where Cross Toppings are used and it symbolically represents the crucifixion of Jesus.

Good Friday Traditions in UK

The gentry in the United Kingdom follow specific traditions and customs on the Good Friday. These traditions and services are not only limited to observation of church services and following the fasting rituals. Here are a few activities carried out in the UK on the eve of Good Friday:

  • • Stations of the Cross - These are the portrayals of Jesus Christ’s life on the day he was crucified on the cross. To mark the crucifixion, several Christians lead the mass to the crucifixion straight to the Victoria Street. In the event of Stations of Cross, a selected individual will lead the march holding the Wooden Cross. The march starts from Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.
  • • Viewing Passion Play – A few of the religious groups in the UK organise plays that showcase the life of Jesus Christ on the day of crucifixion. The most popular among these plays is “The Passion of Jesus” and it is held out there in London at Trafalgar Square. The play is visited by several residents and as well as people of Christian faith from outside the England. One popular destination to witness a free outdoor play for “The Passion of Jesus” is in Trafalgar Square in London.

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