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Easter Day – Handsome Deals on Flight Tickets on Easter Day in the UK

The day of Easter is a Christian symbolism, and on this day it is believed that Jesus Christ returned to life for his followers. It is the day of immense religious significance among the people who practice Christianism. Several traditions are known to have direct or indirect links with Easter Day, and dating to the times of Paganism and Pre-Christian era.

Easter Day is known by other alternate names such as Zatik, or Pascha and even the Day of Resurrection. The pious day of Christian observance, according to the New Testament, is observed on Third Day after the Jesus resurrected to life, following the crucifixion by the Romans. There is also a variation in the Orthodox Easter date in the Julian calendar, and it is also followed in several Orthodox Christian churches.

The Essence behind Celebrating Easter Day

The Easter Day is observed by the people who belong to Christianity and Catholicism and in accordance to the lunisolar designs on the basis of Gregorian calendar. The day has wide importance in the lives of Christians, and specifically with respect to the UK, Easter is observed by denizens by visiting the church, adorning the Easter Bunnies, and playing with the hot cross buns.

Observance of Easter Day may vary each year, as its date is calculated on the forward from first Sunday as the first full moon appears ensuing spring equinox in March. Eggs are distributed on Easter Day for it represents new life, and this representation alludes to pagan spring festivals. In a few counties, even the dyed eggs have become an integral part of quite an interesting Christian Easter story.

Many Christians, who are otherwise do not believe in religious rituals observe the day by distributing the chocolate Easter Eggs among the family members, families and friends. Besides, there are also halal Easter eggs produced during the Easter Times, and this clearly indicates that people from other religious sentiments have strong affinity towards the Easter treats.

Simultaneously, a fun and traditional game titled Easter Egg Hunt is played among the children, which involves hunting of the eggs hidden either in the garden or park.

Other Gaming Activities on Easter Day

The day of Easter is not restricted to any single type of activity, but rather there are several micro gaming activities that follow through the Christian Day. In the UK, the local denizens plan out egg rolls activity and this involves rolling down of the hard-boiled eggs down an inclined plane. There is also a slight variation out here wherein the hard-boiled eggs are hit against other eggs, and winner will be the one whose egg remains intact. Once the game is complete, participants will eat the hard boiled eggs.

Cheap Flight Tickets for Easter Day Celebrations

On this day, banks, business operations and the banks remain closed for the observance. Welsh and the English counties have limited opening hours on the Easter Day. Most of the Supermarkets are closed on Easter Day as well. And besides everything else, every little business remains officially closed. In Scotland, small business retailers do not have any restrictions.

All through the Easter Week, public transportation system in the UK will run on varied schedules. There are also a few designated areas in the UK where transportation is not running at all on the Easter Day.

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